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E-bike Wiki is an online collaborative encyclopedia focused on selecting or building an E-bike, repair and related information.

We hope to answer all the questions you have about electric bikes from where and what parts to buy all the way to riding them for the maximum range.

This wiki is maintained by the E-Bikes discord. If you wish to chat in real time with us, come join us on Discord and support us via Patreon

Beginners start here

  • Volts and Amps, amp hours, watts and watt hours, what do they mean for an e-bike?
  • Prebuilt Prebuilt bicycles, just order and drive!

Do It Yourself!

  • Batteries, where to buy and what to look for.
  • Motor, where to buy and how to pick.

Accessories for your e-bike

  • LED Lighting, Information about all the LED lights on the market and how to buy the right ones for you.
  • Tires Where the rubber meets the road! Learn to buy tires won't leave you on the side of the road with a flat.

Other websites of interest

  • E-bike Simulator Very accurate and useful e-bike Simulator. Has many motors modeled by actual testing including wind tunnel testing for cooling values. Often accurate within 10% or better to real world for top speed.
  • Grin Torque Arm info Super critical to read information about torque arms. Never use a V1 style torque arm they are well known to fail. Always use a V2/V3/V4 style if you are using a hub motor or your hub motor may destroy itself.
  • Electropaedia a website about battery types and energy production.