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Tires are an absolutely essential part of your e-bike. They determine your handling, braking and even acceleration limits depending on terrain. A good road tire may not be a good offroad tire and visa versa.

So with thousands of choices of tires, how do you determine what one is best? Simple, you look for tires that are designed to do what you want without too many trade offs else where.

For a e-bike commuter, that is generally go a long distance on road, with some minor off roading. What we have found out for such conditions is the most important thing is durability and puncture resistance, followed by low rolling resistance and moderate traction on roads, roads with debris and trails.

The best tires we have found for that are the Schwalbe MTB plus line of tires. These tires come with 5mm of extra hard rubber armor inside them to protect from punctures and are made of some of the hardest tire compound found on bikes. 'But I can't afford fancy armored tires' you might think. They start at $44.49cad or $31.99usd, hardly twice the price of the cheapest tire on the market but will last easily 10x longer, Some users have reported over 7000 miles on a single tire in e-bike usage. You can't afford not to buy armored tires, especially when a puncture can leave you stranded.

Marathon Plus MTB on Chain Reaction Cycles Canada USA one of the better tires for mountain bikes, comes in 26", 27.5" and 29" in widths 2" and 2.25".

Marathon Plus Tour on Chain Reaction Cycles Canada USA Slightly more road designed tire for mountain bikes, comes in 26" with a width of 1.75" or 2.0"

Marathon Plus Road on Chain Reaction Cycles Canada USA Have a road bike? Schwalbe has you covered with armored road bike tires too! Comes in 650A and 700C in widths 25C through 45C

Note Chain reaction Cycles ships world wide, just change the drop down at the top right to get your countries prices. they also offer free shipping above a set amount, generally around the cost of 2 tires.

Do note that Marathon plus tires are all made of an exceptionally hard compound that wears much slower then most bicycle tires, but trades off some grip to do so. They are rated for e-bikes and speeds up to 50kph while most bicycle tires are not designed for such high speeds and few other manufactures will actually rate a bicycle tire for speed.