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It is very important to only buy high quality lithium ion batteries. Improperly build battery packs can lead to catastrophic fires resulting in loss of property and life.

Lithium ion batteries can combust when improperly charged or discharged and can't be extinguished by water. as such there are only a few retailers we are willing to endorse. Its highly recommended to go with these resellers or at least do serious research on who you plan to buy packs from. Do not buy battery packs off random ebay/amazon/aliexpress pages, their quality often leaves much to be desired.

Where to buy:

We currently recommend the following dealers.

EM3ev - High quality hand-made batteries shipped from China. Comes equipped with a bluetooth compatible BMS so you can monitor your batteries health and performance with a cellphone app. Highly recommended.

Luna Cycle - high quality batteries shipped from USA

Unit Pack Power (sometimes stylized as UnitPackPower or Unit-Pack-Power) On AliExpress on eBay on Official website

Note, Unit power Pack uses both generic and name brand cells so it is vital to view the listing to see which type are used. If the information isn't mentioned in the listing then it's to be assumed they are using generic cells.